Natural step-by-step make-up for a fresh look


Getting a natural make-up, or making it look like you are not wearing makeup, requires some practice and refinement that consists of makeup first the face and then the eyes and lips. A light makeup will highlight our natural beauty, hiding the imperfections and highlighting the strengths, and is ideal for a fresh look of daily use. Getting a natural ... Read More »

Step by step night makeup, ideas and tricks

night makeup

Night makeup has one main characteristic: that look of going out at night comes marked by the eyes, especially by the style ” smokey eyes “, also called smoked eyes . That is why, when it comes to makeup to go out at night we will first pay attention to our eyes and then we will complement the look we ... Read More »

5 Amazing Ways to Use Clear Fixing Powder Loose

This year, I discovered my loads of obsession for beauty and clear loose fixation powder is one of them. Two months ago, I was given the opportunity to try out various types of loose Fixing powders and I loved the clear fixing powder to the core. At present, Anne and I hooked up to Maybelline teacher fix loose powders since I ... Read More »

Style guide: what shoes to wear with what jeans


It can completely ruin the look of a great pair of jeans simply by associating it with the wrong type of footwear. Know which shoes to wear jeans with which goes a long way to make jeans look good on you. To make it simple, here’s a breakdown of what kind of shoes you can and can not wear with ... Read More »

Sports shoes for casual styles

Sports shoes some how manages to find its way into a variety of fashion trends, no matter what it was, often offering a retro chic twist to a fancy or casual outfit. Sportswear merchants often come up with various designs – ranging from subtle and soft to bold and beautiful – all providing unparalleled ease and comfort. As with all ... Read More »

Brilliant swarovski bridal jewelry that is the sparkling

bridal jewelry

Some things in life are born of passion and zeal. Some things bridal jewelry in the life just of innovation and inspiration. Some things in life redefine glamor and sophistication like no other. Ladies, we are talking about Swarovski bridal jewelry. It is beauty in all its forms and form, whether it is jewelry, watches and fashion accessories. However, when ... Read More »

Top 8 braid crown hairstyles

crown hairstyles

seen the same old braid passed from generation to generation until she landed on me. Now the modern world has made a clone of all age trends and modified for its best effort to meet the needs of the thirst for reviving fashion. Braids crown hairstyles over the years have gone through many changes and yet one innovation after another ... Read More »

The Best Popular Curly Horsetail Haircuts

Horsetail Haircuts

Technology has made things available and are easy for us, which we could think of the achievement of a decade ago. And even if we did it would not be such an easy process. Among them is the hairdresser. Here are nine of these curly horsetail haircuts that we can reach in no time. 1. Low Curly Ponytail Horsetail Haircuts: ... Read More »

7 Best Cool Crochet Hairstyles You Can Wear

Crochet Hairstyles

Braids are always popular and we have almost more than 100 styles of wearing it. Some look good on any type and each face, while some are suitable for long and round face. Crochet hairstyles braid has always been fashionable, but a little extra style can make it more elegant. This style is fast and convenient. And yes, you need ... Read More »

How to wear short skirts and style for the day

short skirts

The short skirts are cute, feminine and very daring to wear and flare, but some of us really don`t know what to pair them with and how to wear them too. If you are confused and thought skirts are just for college girls, you were wrong. Here are a couple of ways how to wear short skirt, which includes mini ... Read More »

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