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Among the many pieces of bridal jewelry from elegant states used in weddings, India’s chura has a great importance. New age brides are not overwhelmed by the chura of India, and therefore choose very elegant touches to the dazzling glam of the vintage to wear on D-Day as well. Churas and bracelets are basic adornments that a bride can not do without. From the Rokas to the Mehendis, sangeets to the wedding and reception would also find the bracelets and the chura of India, making their presence felt.

 Bridal Bracelets for Indian Brides

Some brides opt for silver, some opt for glass, some opt for traditional bridal bracelets, and some look for various touches on them, such as pearls and rhinestones, crystals and glittering glitter as well. So, a whole range of awesome bridal wedding brides and bracelets to choose from if you ask us.

Let`s look at some of the bridal wedding bracelets For the Mehendi session

Instead of investing in precious golds and silver for the mehendi, brides these days opt for shiny red glass bracelets. It is a conventional wedding color and matches almost any outfit you wear, bringing you into such a delicate and pleasant vibe. Most wedding bracelets made of glass have incredible intricate designs on them, and the pretty opulent ornaments to the eyes to say.

By The Sangeet

The Sangeet ceremony is one where the bride would want to dazzle and shine a little more than she did in the mehendi. And that is why one could opt for tempting rhinestone bangles to match the Sangeet high wear chosen. It can be worn with any Indian wear, and in any color tone too, and yet have a fabulous juxtaposition of the embellishments of them.

For the Bachelorette Party

If you are planning to go all desi for the bachelorette party, and want more color to be thrown, colorful glass bracelets of thick Indian bracelets may be the best pieces of wear and tear and flaunt. They come in various designs and impressive styles, with intricate karigari will make them in and sensationally elegant, as they are, create a great stir with what wear as well.



For the wedding

Apart from the gold bracelets and wedding accessories that are an integral part of the Solah Shringar, bridal jewelry can have some multicolored rhinestone bangles to the charm of the onlookers at the wedding reception as well. In the midst of all the traditional things, one can even have a touch of fashionable in look, which evocates beauty safely when worn with multicolored wedding saris or lehengas.

Pearls on bangles

Indian guesses and wedding bracelets these days have an excellent job done on them. Some with pearls and crystals as well, and you can choose one that suits your style and personality along with your outfit as well. Think of the brightness and brilliance of white pearls, and the magic they create when you intertwine fondly with the look of the Bride – is priceless! Vintage is quite sure touch, whether you are wearing lace dresses or lehengas for wedding, pearls to add as an accessory does justice.

Enlarge In The Spark

We know how blingy and flashy indian bridal jewelry can be, and the full-on sparkle is the name of the game with most Indian brides as well. From glamor wedding dresses to embracing figure mermaid lehengas, cocktail saris worn at wedding receptions to lace and net trails or pure wedding salwars as well, the Indian bride knows what she wants to dress like At her own wedding. However, to create a very dramatic red carpet appearance, opting for diamond wedding bracelets makes sense!

Don`t Over Accessorize

In an attempt to bring everyone, or to follow traditions, most Indian brides make the mistake with more than accessorizing. And if you tell them no more to customize, also mention that they should not under Accessorize as well. The lace and wedding heavily embellished wedding dresses or embroidered bridal lehengas should be complemented with light bridal jewelry at the wedding. The chura of India is a heavy piece of the statement, which should not be worn with gowns and lehengas profusely decorated. But if they have to, they wear it without too many wedding bracelets on their arms and forearms.

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