How to Reuse Bridal Jewelry – New Ways to Reuse Bridal Jewelry

Indians and jewelry have a courtesy link. Indian weddings can not be complete without a set of beautiful Bridal Jewelry  for brides. Some of these games are so heavy and intricate to magnify that you do not want to use them again. Not only are they very expensive, but they are too much of a beauty to be used at other times. So, what do you really do with such a heavy set?

With changing times and trends many brides have now found a new way to wear their bridal jewelry! Most of them now renew or use it in a different way, so they can even take it on a normal day.

Read on to know more about how to reuse bridal jewelry:

Renew that diamond necklace

That delicate diamond necklace that has even been given away by your political family, can be used on other special occasions as well. Diamonds are something that goes well with almost any type of attire. So if you are wearing a sari or a dress, you can pair your diamond necklace with any of these. Diamonds in and of themselves are a very elegant affair, so if you are planning to wear one of these sets, you do not need to customize it at all! You can simply complete your look with a single necklace! Do not let your beautiful necklace out of use in the closet, take it for a spin and use it often for special occasions. After all, diamonds are forever!

Giving a new life to your old gold chain

Sometimes an old piece of heritage does not go well with today’s fashion. But do not worry, this does not mean that you should get rid of these pieces of heritage. You can simply update a piece of sentimental heritage to give it more meaning and a more fashionable design in keeping with current trends.

Bridal Jewelry for women

If you have a trusted jeweler, you can either ask him to give you a design or you can also browse the design ideas at Pinterest. Customizing old pieces are not too difficult and can sometimes become even more beautiful than before! So do not be left at the bank lockers and use vintage jewelry without thinking twice.

Bridal Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry

Give your old ring a new meaning

Your wedding ring will always be a favorite, but sometimes you can upgrade to a new design, right? Old wedding rings can be remodeled and personalized with new gemstones or designs. It will be your age ring correctly, but it will look different and so fashionable. Keep a design in mind so that you can ask your jeweler to design it exactly as you want it. If you want your ring to be bigger, you can even ask the jeweler to melt the old rings and give you an even bigger look. It all depends on how you want to wear the new ring.

Dazzle with your old Danglers

Those shiny pendants that he wore with his Lehenga- Don`t worry, you can still use them. Just customize it to the right. So, if your pendants are a show by themselves, you can use them alone. Some heavy and complex danglers look lovely when worn with long skirts or dresses. Keep in mind that you will need to wear the lovely skirt a little if you want your pendants to shine. Style your hair in a shape that is attached like a bun. You can wear a delicate necklace if you will, but if they are exquisite, then I do not need anything at all!

So you see, do not worry about your needn`t bridal jewelry, there are many ways you can still take them years after your wedding! Redesign your antique jewelry. Reused vintage jewelry is fashionable these days, but just be sure, that style is right.


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