Step by step night makeup, ideas and tricks

night makeup

Night makeup has one main characteristic: that look of going out at night comes marked by the eyes, especially by the style ” smokey eyes “, also called smoked eyes . That is why, when it comes to makeup to go out at night we will first pay attention to our eyes and then we will complement the look we ... Read More »

Natural step-by-step make-up for a fresh look


Getting a natural make-up, or making it look like you are not wearing makeup, requires some practice and refinement that consists of makeup first the face and then the eyes and lips. A light makeup will highlight our natural beauty, hiding the imperfections and highlighting the strengths, and is ideal for a fresh look of daily use. Getting a natural ... Read More »

5 Amazing Ways to Use Clear Fixing Powder Loose

This year, I discovered my loads of obsession for beauty and clear loose fixation powder is one of them. Two months ago, I was given the opportunity to try out various types of loose Fixing powders and I loved the clear fixing powder to the core. At present, Anne and I hooked up to Maybelline teacher fix loose powders since I ... Read More »

Bracelets, Bridal & Wedding Bridal Bracelets for Brides

Among the many pieces of bridal jewelry from elegant states used in weddings, India’s chura has a great importance. New age brides are not overwhelmed by the chura of India, and therefore choose very elegant touches to the dazzling glam of the vintage to wear on D-Day as well. Churas and bracelets are basic adornments that a bride can not ... Read More »

Creating a fashionable sweep through the layers of winter


It’s time for some fashionable colorful fall leaves, white falling snowflakes and cool weather. With drops of mercury for the day, take a cup of cappuccino, pat a moisturizer on the face and skin, put on the long boots on the legs and prepare to make the most of the winter season when the More elegant garment and warm – ... Read More »

7 Pink lipsticks for dark lips


You love roses, but lip pigmentation does not allow you to try them. Dark lips are a huge problem and there are many reasons why they are pigmented. Tanning of sunlight and lack of proper exfoliation. Sunburns or accumulated dead skin may make your lipsticks look darker than our natural skin tone. In this case applying lipstick on them can ... Read More »

10 Hot and Flirty Lipsticks for Valentine’s Week


Hey pretty girls! The most romantic Lipsticks time of year, Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. I am sure you must have started Lipsticks planning this very special day. Whether it’s the costume, the make-up or the accessories, everything has to be perfect. And as we all know, any outfit is not complete until you find the perfect ... Read More »

How to use the base corrector?


Base and concealer are essential elements of any makeup’s outfit. Foundation helps to soften the skin tone, skin minor spots and give the face a bright lift, while a corrector concealer is specially designed to take care of the areas of the eyes low to cover dark circles or spots that the foundation can not cover completely. Both have different ... Read More »

The best correctors and bases to hide the freckles


Best Concealers Basics to Hide Freckles Hey girls! A good starting point that makes the difference while applying correctors  makeup. It prepares the skin for the application of other products, it makes the skin tone gives an impeccable finish. Therefore if it is a primer, a foundation or a concealer, it must be chosen carefully. Now a days, they will ... Read More »

21 Ways to Track the Trend of Patchwork Jeans


For most women, jeans are their regular attire. We can never live without denim and this season we are going to have a new version – the patchwork jeans. They have already landed successfully through Fashion Week. It makes a very trendy and fashionable look to place all the contrast panels just above the knee. Follow us with 21 ways ... Read More »

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