10 Tips on How to Makeup to Contour and Highlight Your Face


10 amazing makeup tips on how to contour and highlight your face If you’ve ever looked at celebrities and wondered how they look so different when they have their makeup, then that’s the effect that outline and highlight can have. A lot of women she away from outlining and highlighting because they think it’s something that is best left to ... Read More »

10 Best Colors lipsticks for wheatish to medium skin


Hello ladies! Today, let’s talk about some of the best lipstick colors for that perfect pout that would be suitable lipsticks for wheatish skin tones. While choosing a lipstick, it is essential that the shade goes well with your complexion nuances of the skin. If not, at first it may seem too dark, too clear or even eliminated! A wheatish ... Read More »

10 Beautiful tints of lipstick for autumn


Winter is the season to play with vivid and bright colors. It has been put on and this is the time of year when you can happily have all your favorite dark shades of lipstick. Dark lips return every winter with a new take on how it`s worn. So today I`ll be sharing some gorgeous colors that you can flaunt ... Read More »

How to Make Men’s Get the Perfect Haircuts Are Called

The haircut for men called Mohawk or mohawk became very fashionable in muscular men then became popular because it is a haircuts where the hair is longer in the front and little long in length the upper part of the hairs. There are many variants as it can be shaved from the sides or else longer depending on the tastes ... Read More »

How to Make Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair


I’ll explain how to make curly hair cuts for men from the easiest to the most elaborate but you can mainly take the best that fit for your style regardless of whether you want to follow the fashion or the current trend. Since as I always say your self you must impose your own fashion according to what best suits ... Read More »

The Best Nail Polish Colors and Trends 2017


Black, white, gold and silver nail Polish enamels and acrylics with or without ‘glitter’ are imposed this year. ootally black or white, chrome, with many visions or designs. Thus came the “roughly” the  Nail Polish for this 2017, in which the so-called “art nail” is imposed with the use of acrylics in colors that replace the traditional enamel.   “Color ... Read More »

How to Paint the Lips According to Their Shape


This is one of the questions that many women Lips ask me on the Facebook page of Mujeres Femeninas where when I have time I respond to all messages and try to give my experience as you can give yours. Lips Thick or Large The thick lips, wide or fleshy as I have in my case and more than a ... Read More »

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