Top 8 braid crown hairstyles

crown hairstyles

seen the same old braid passed from generation to generation until she landed on me. Now the modern world has made a clone of all age trends and modified for its best effort to meet the needs of the thirst for reviving fashion. Braids crown hairstyles over the years have gone through many changes and yet one innovation after another ... Read More »

The Best Popular Curly Horsetail Haircuts

Horsetail Haircuts

Technology has made things available and are easy for us, which we could think of the achievement of a decade ago. And even if we did it would not be such an easy process. Among them is the hairdresser. Here are nine of these curly horsetail haircuts that we can reach in no time. 1. Low Curly Ponytail Horsetail Haircuts: ... Read More »

7 Best Cool Crochet Hairstyles You Can Wear

Crochet Hairstyles

Braids are always popular and we have almost more than 100 styles of wearing it. Some look good on any type and each face, while some are suitable for long and round face. Crochet hairstyles braid has always been fashionable, but a little extra style can make it more elegant. This style is fast and convenient. And yes, you need ... Read More »

How to Make Round Face Hairstyles


You should know first of all some beauty tricks to look prettier and avoid some mistakes that I made myself but that I was correcting over the years as we often do not know what type of hairstyles are round that can benefit you . Tips: Never put your hair behind your ears because your face will look optically wider ... Read More »

Tips That Women With Curly Hair Will Love


I have always thought, women with curly hair have an advantage over lacias. Think about it. If they propose it, they can use the puller and have a completely different look . Whereas if a woman with straight hair wants to be Chinese, she will not get a curl so defined and natural. In short, if your hair is Chinese, ... Read More »

Hair cuts for 50 year old women: Rejuvenating style idea

Hair cuts

Once the 1950’s came , many women began to think they were too old to look good and look current. The truth is that hair cuts 50-year-old women are full and should not be neglected. Today we propose the best hairstyles for women of 50 years and give you ideas of style that will rejuvenation. There are countless tricks that can help to haircut rejuvenate our image, and ... Read More »

These are the haircuts that will triumph in 2017


New Year New Life. This is the saying that sounds the most at this time. A time when there are endless purposes : start to play sports, spend more time with the family or stop smoking. The feeling of wanting to change some aspect of our lives is born, to leave everything bad behind and start a new stage. And ... Read More »

43 Fancy Braided Hairstyle ideas

hair ideas

Do not know what to do with your hair? Start experimenting with this list of tricks and ideas for your hair. hair Style ideas.   For an instant lifting, change the position of your ponytail. Draw an imaginary diagonal line from                your cheekbones to the crown. That’s where the rubber band should be. ... Read More »

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