How to make perfect stratification in winters


Hello ladies, I’m back again with another winter style stick. It seems that even if the winters are not coming in full style, we, the people will have our style games in full style. It has happened to all of us at some point or another that stratification in the winters gets complicated and ends up looking like a lot ... Read More »

9 Lipstick shades that are trend these days


Hey there girls! The next spring season will bring along a wide variety of beauty Lipstick trends whether it is nail colors, eye shadows or lipsticks. From pretty red to deep red Lipstick to soft corals, there is a color for each. Let’s take a look at some of the best shades of lipstick that are in trend these days. ... Read More »

9 keys to dress as the most powerful women in the world


Although sometimes we love to impose style, the fact is that there are certain events that require more sobriety in our look. On this occasion we consulted public image consultant Rodrigo Senties Correa and shared the tips of the most powerful women on the planet to transmit authority , without staying away from fashion. Go! DRESS FOR THE OCCASION Both the weather and the type of event are the key factors in choosing ... Read More »



And how could it be otherwise, we tell you everything that happens on both the red carpet and behind the lights. Do not miss the makeup looks, the hairstyles, the incredible dresses and the surprises that we have prepared to celebrate our 20 years as official makeup artists of the cannes film Festival. THE UNION OF CINEMA AND BEAUTY   ... Read More »

Women’s Leather jackets Look Stunning

Why leather jackets? Fashion, not something that you wear, it comes inside of you. In the stylish world, style comes from leather jackets, and it has never become outmoded. People are wearing jackets from decades and designs have changed with time but still men or women’s leather jacket looks marvelous. If you want to look different, beautiful and at the ... Read More »

Little boy haircut most trending in fashion world

World and fashion Childhood of kids is so awesome and every mother and father wants to capture the beautiful moment’s of their kid’s childhood. They do not want their kids to grow up and see the old picture and think how ugly they were. So parents searching for good hairstyles and fashion to make it work and when their kids ... Read More »

Teen boy haircuts And The Chuck Norris Effect

Teen boy haircuts

Fashion and Hairstyle Well, you might not have noticed, but when you meet a new person, the first thing you look at his body is the hairs. How well he has combed his locks and how stylish he has combed them. You have to admit this fact that your hairstyle matters. Fashion is changing with time and so does people. People change ... Read More »

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