How to use the base corrector?

Base and concealer are essential elements of any makeup’s outfit. Foundation helps to soften the skin tone, skin minor spots and give the face a bright lift, while a corrector concealer is specially designed to take care of the areas of the eyes low to cover dark circles or spots that the foundation can not cover completely. Both have different purposes and therefore differ in formulation and coverage.

A foundation may differ from coverage and formulations – be it low, pure coverage, medium or high coverage and differ in formulations like powder, liquid or cream. Concealers are usually cream or liquid and have different consistency and purpose. Usually, concealers of dark circles are heavier than the foundations and therefore cover stains and stains easily. Crags are usually needed for smaller eye areas, while heavier ones are good for hiding difficult situations and spots.

It is not recommended to use a concealer on all parts of the face as they are generally heavier and their application on everything would make them look doughy and unnatural. But if you still want, here are two ways to use corrector and base to do it well:

Ways on how to use corrector concealer and base



 Route 1:

This is good as long as you do not have a lot of problem areas on your face.

If you usually have good skin health with minor blemishes or blemishes then you can skip the foundation and just use a concealer. Start with a clean face and measure the areas that need to be hidden. Simply apply the concealer in areas that you feel needs coverage such as under the eyes areas, bruises and blemishes. Mix well and use more concealer if necessary. Then top with a good fixing powder or compact powder and you’re done.

Route 2:

This is when you want a greater coverage of the concealer than simply covering up the stains and imperfections. If you do not have a base or just want to use the concealer, then this way it will work. First clean the face of any oil or dirt. Dry the face and apply a good high-strength corrector at the points that need greater coverage. Then mix in a thin covering concealer across the face.

After application, use a fixing powder to fix the concealer. The steep will function as a medium coverage base. But because concealers usually have oil, it can be difficult to use if you have oily skin. Keep some blotting paper in your hand or with a control oil powder to adjust the concealer.

More is less for the corrector what to use only small amounts, if it is greater than applied it can make you look cakey. If you do not have two concealers, you just have to use a thin cover for the entire face and use it separately on the stains.


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