How to Make Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair

I’ll explain how to make curly hair cuts for men from the easiest to the most elaborate but you can mainly take the best that fit for your style regardless of whether you want to follow the fashion or the current trend.

Since as I always say your self you must impose your own fashion according to what best suits your face.

Make a curly haircut for men step by step

You must have a machine to cut hair, it does not matter that it is not professional but that it can be simple to do the work


  1. You will also need scissors, a comb that can be thick and then bristles, a mirror, a towel so that your hair does not fall on your clothes, an atomizer can help you as cutting with wet or wet curly hair is easier to comb many times.


  1. With the machine to cut the curly hair or the razor you have to pass from the nape to the crown
  2. You should also pass it by the sides of your head (the degree of length you should choose before you start cutting, I always recommend starting with the longer and then go over and cut according to how you like)
  3. All curly hair cutting should always be done from the bottom up to give it a homogeneous shape
  4. With a sharp scissors you should touch the arch of the curly hair in the back of the ears (be careful more than once to cut my ear)
  5. The upper part of the head should be done with the scissors, always starting from the top of the head, advancing the cut forward.
  6. When you reach the bangs will depend on the length you want but you always have to go according to the size of the hair of the upper head
  7. The best thing is always that you help with your fingers as you pick up strands of curly hair or with a brush or fine comb to help you combing the area that you are going to cut, with this you measure if it is even cut

When you are going to cut the curly hair with the scissors you must put them vertically and when you        do the haircut should be diagonal the hair so that it is not visible later.

9. There is a part of the head that is what you cut with scissors and what you cut with a machine in that         limit you have to go over with the machine to make it even and do not notice the difference

10. To finish with the machine to cut the hair for man you can pass again and look at you with a mirror at       the back of the neck.

Do not forget to review and straighten the sideburns so that they are at the height of the middle of the long ear of the man who does it.

So far what I explain is a step by step classic cut for men of course there are several as it depends on the length.


Curly Hair

Tips and tricks to take into account when cutting hair

These recommendations that I will give me was given by a beauty consultant of a well known actor who I hope they serve you since many times we do not have a guide of what kind of cut to use.

  • If you are short of stature do not use long hair as it will make you more petite than you are, always try to use it short and keep it in that long
  • If in your case is having little hair do not leave your hair longer than you use it since it gives the feeling that you own less hair than you actually have.
  • For hairstyles with entrances it is always better to show volume in the hair and to use it short, it benefits much the shaving of the sides.
  • Before cutting your hair always tell your hairdresser how you want to comb it since it is a data so that it can guide you correctly by the shape of your face
  • Many men suffer from baldness, if this is affecting your look I recommend that you use short hair, it conceals much better and is very fashionable.
  • The cut in men is always divided into 7 parts the head that are the top, the sides both left and right, the back of the neck, both sides of the pin and especially the bangs
  • Tomate your time is always better than you stay longer than you want since you have time to correct the size of the hair, however if you cut more than you want has no solution until it grows
  • Hairstyles that work best that are drastic is in hairstyles that have more hair
  • Assume the amount of hair you have and compare with the photo you want to look like
  • Define how your face is, round, oval, elongated, thin as this will help you know the type of haircut you need.
  • Conservative hairstyle is always the best choice for when you do not have much hair or very thin.
  • The hair should be clean before you start cutting it as it benefits the details when you are cut.
  • The head of the machine to cut the hair you must know it once you like how you stay and then ask for the same number of head
  • The heads of the machine to cut the hair serve to choose the type of length of blades which will give the size of long.


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