Tips That Women With Curly Hair Will Love

I have always thought, women with curly hair have an advantage over lacias. Think about it. If they propose it, they can use the puller and have a completely different look . Whereas if a woman with straight hair wants to be Chinese, she will not get a curl so defined and natural. In short, if your hair is Chinese, these tips will help you to handle it better.

Curly hair is very attractive and never out of fashion, although it is a little difficult to master, so taking care of it, combing it and giving it the right treatment can be more complicated than with straight hair. Although many women end up straightening to make modeling easier, it is not necessary to reach that end.

Beware of the way you dry it

Towels cause curly hair to have more frizz. The cuticle of this type of hair is more sensitive, so you should avoid rubbing it while it is moist. Ideally, you wrap it up and press it gently to remove excess moisture.

Do not abuse the heat


Curly Hair








The dryer causes the hair to dry out, it is advisable to give it time to dry naturally. If you can not, lower the temperature of the dryer and, if possible, use a diff user so that the hair does not directly impact the hair.

Say no to Curly hair brushes

If your hair is thin, bristle brushes can do a lot of damage to your hair. Separate bristle combs help structure your hair, prefer them instead of brushes that just entangle your hair.

Oils are your best friends

She a butter, jojoba oil or macadamia oil make the curly hair coat a layer, which makes them more resilient and elastic without the sticky effect left by other products such as gel or heavy combing creams.

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