Creating a fashionable sweep through the layers of winter

It’s time for some fashionable colorful fall leaves, white falling snowflakes and cool weather. With drops of mercury for the day, take a cup of cappuccino, pat a moisturizer on the face and skin, put on the long boots on the legs and prepare to make the most of the winter season when the More elegant garment and warm – winter coat.

From international celebrity Kate Middleton to the desi Pinky back home, winter coat is not just a winter should but a fashion accessory as well.

There are several elements that govern the purchase of a fashionable good winter coat. First of all, they should look good on you and this is where your body shape and height plays a very important role. The second aspect is if they have the substance to handle bad weather. When it comes to wearing a winter coat, chances are you might be neglecting what you carry inside. Get rid of the habit of wearing scruffy clothing on the inside under the impression that everything that is outside looks better.

Things to keep in mind to the Shopping Shield

When it comes to shopping for clothes, there are many factors that require a deep look – length of clothing, colors and most importantly the details of the garment that will flatter your figure and height. Consider the type of layers and styles you should invest, how to go about choosing them, among other things. From water-resistant wool coats to layers of sophisticated peas, from light to heavy weight, from sporty to formal, there is an endless range of winter coats for women waiting at this time of year.



Fashionable Types of winter coats

Whether you go for a college function or a cocktail at night, the type of winter coat obviously are different. Here is a certain variety of layers that will bring life to the cold and boring winters.

Trench Coat

Suitable for the winter season, but not excessive winters, Jacket are a great classic. The outer layer of Trench Coats is made from water resistant materials such as nylon, poplin and sometimes leather. Longitudinally, they are available in the middle of the thigh to the ankle and can be collected in versions with belt and not with belt. Usually, neutral colors in the form of grays, blacks and browns shaped the bill, but even versions of colors like fuchsia can be collected. In fact, they can be taken to school, work or family reunion with great ease. But be sure to wear the one that has proper closure depending on your body type. Calvin Klein and Michael Kors make beautiful raincoats.

Pea Shield

Classy and stylish, a jacket has many buttons on the front. On a traditional note, they were made of heavy wool but now velvet, blends of cashmere and linen are also being used to make it stand out as everyday wear. Calvin Klein and Bit Burberry have an impressive range of pea coats that are simple and timeless. Pea coats, in fact, stand out because of their short length, vertical and oblique pockets and double buttoned fronts.

Down shield

They are the most common layers used in freezing temperatures. Durable and water resistant are they provide great insulation from the cold waves of fire. Wise material, the outer layer of a down coat has more than polyester and nylon, in addition to other materials. Available in hooded and unhooded versions, the size of a layer below can be shortened or lengthened according to different needs, especially when it comes to fighting the cold wave. In fact, you will be surprised to experiment with zippers, pockets and adjustable hems. GUESS and Bernardo have good range of down covers.

Leather coat

Safe, elegant and sturdy, a layer of leather makes the perfect winter and glamor fashionable accessories for ladies. Warm and durable without a doubt, a leather coat usually comes in classic black and brown colors that look absolutely warm. In fact, genuine leather layers come from a wide variety of leathers, such as cowhide, sheepskin and pigskin. However, if you are budgeted tight, then it is not a good choice in faux fur. Gucci and Giovanni make good fur coats to their liking and specifications.

Wool  coat

There is nothing more warm and elegant than 100% woolen coat. If you dislike neutral colors, then you`ll surely love this crimson red wine wool coat. Glorious indeed, will certainly make you stand out in the crowd. A red coat leaves such a large impact and youthful appearance that you willfully forget the cold of winter. Soft and easy to wear, the double-breasted front gives this coat its military style. The warm hood, side hip pockets and a belt that can be self-tied will surely keep you comfortable.

Mink coat

Mink coats are a statement of fashionable eternal glamor. Take a look at this high-neck version of a cape that has a touch of style to itself. In addition to the hook fasteners, this glorious workmanship of silky interior has two pockets, bracelet sleeves, plus black beauty.

Tips to keep in mind when wearing coats

The winter coat may seem like a delicious piece but here are some things that you need to keep in the back of your mind while you put them into practice.

  1. Linking a large shield with shorts or miniskirts is the de-thing these days. Try using a shorter hem under a long shield size to compensate for the volume in the upper half.
  2. Use the heels to gain a certain height. In addition, it will provide some proportion with the complete equipment you use.
  3. Use structured accessories, such as pockets, pointy shoes to compliment the coat and look fashion forward.
  4. Show a little of your skin by exposing your wrists or forearms or highlighting your ankles. This will make you look feminine, taller and slimmer.


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