Hair cuts for 50 year old women: Rejuvenating style idea

Once the 1950’s came , many women began to think they were too old to look good and look current. The truth is that hair cuts 50-year-old women are full and should not be neglected. Today we propose the best hairstyles for women of 50 years and give you ideas of style that will rejuvenation.

There are countless tricks that can help to haircut rejuvenate our image, and one of them is undoubtedly the haircut , a good haircut can have in your image an anti-aging effect that will make you look younger

 Cut Styles for 50-Year-Old Women

At this time of year is the perfect to make a change of look and opt for a short style, this style is the one that rejuvenates any face, as well as conceal some hair loss problem , unavoidable at a certain age.


Hair cuts










The Bob cut is one of the most advisable for women of 50 years , especially cut to layers, and with the fringe that favors you . Celebrities like Michelle Pfeiffer , Jodie Foster, Susan Sarandon or Cate Blanchett have done it, but if you prefer something more daring, you also have the option of the short and stepped bob , a variant of this very flattering cut with the tips out and messy effect , In the style of Sharon Stone.

The pixie or garcon cut will give you a fresh and contemporary look . Paint it in a casual style using a  texturizing spray to give shape.

Actresses such as Cynthia Nixon, Ellen  Degeneres, Tilda Swinton or Jacque Reid have fallen to this cut.

As for color, many stylists are committed today by the tendency to look gray hair with gray as tone trendy , but you can also choose some reflections that bring brightness to the cut, or wicks some color like red or copper Highlight.

Do not forget to visit our photo gallery and choose your favorite. If you want to know more about haircuts that favor you according to age , do not miss our article. You may also be interested in: Haircuts for round face .


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