43 Fancy Braided Hairstyle ideas

Do not know what to do with your hair? Start experimenting with this list of tricks and ideas for your hair.

hair Style ideas.


For an instant lifting, change the position of your ponytail. Draw an imaginary diagonal line from                your cheekbones to the crown. That’s where the rubber band should be.

  1. For a chic and casual look, make a low ponytail, placing it at the nape of the neck.
  2. Do you want more volume in your hair? If you usually comb with a lateral stripe changes sides each day.
  3. Are you going to wear your hair in a bun? Apply a little conditioner or mask (not to exceed) before picking up your hair. This will not undo and maintain its shape, and will also keep you hydrated throughout the day.

5 . Curl your hair before you pick it up or braid. This will prevent frizz and static and help you shape               and maintain it.

  1. Do you only have 10 seconds to comb your hair? Take a lock of hair from one side of the head, retract it and fix it with pins taking it back.
  2. Turn a boring bun into a stylish pickup. Braid your hair, pick it up by twisting it like a bun and fix it with pins or pins.

Ideas for short hair.


  1. Apply wet-fixing gel and comb the hair with a side grating. Instant Glamor!
  2. For a more “dressing” style, use some shiny clip, pin or pin.
  3. Those collected in short hair are complicated, but a French braid is viable, as it incorporates shorter sections. Start by braiding from one side of your head and continue to the back to fix it.


11 . Do you have short hair and want to let it grow? To avoid the “rare” phase between short and          medium hair, trim the tips only at the back and sides, leaving the upper sections uncut. This will avoid the “goblin effect”.

  1. Comb the hair forward to get an instant bangs.

Ideas for medium length hair.


  1. Choose a bob-style cut, shorter at the back or longer at the front, for a light-hearted effect.

14 . Add a hair extension curtain, clipped, on one side to create an asymmetrical bob.


  1. Comb your hair by styling the tips out for a fresh and casual style.

Ideas for long hair.


  1. If your type of face has to be lengthened, long hair can accentuate it. To avoid this, cut the hair into layers and leave your bangs.
  2. Long hair has to suffer dehydration at the tips. After washing, apply a few drops of coconut oil on the tips with a gentle massage to keep them moisturized.
  3. Dry the hair with the head down to add volume.

19 . When shaping your hair with a brush and a drier, leave the brush still in your hair while it cools so     that it is fixed.

  1. Hide the longer tufts under your hair to create a fake bob.


Ideas for curly hair.


  1. One of the problems of curly hair is that it does not usually keep its shape with the passage of days. To reactivate the curl, moisten it and spray it with a curling activator spray.
  2. Sleep on a satin or satin pillow to keep your curls intact all night. Being a soft and slippery material, we will prevent them from warping and curling.
  3. The best comb for curly hair is your fingers. In wet, you can comb it carefully with a wide comb of combs, but when it is dry, shape it with your fingers.
  4. When you pick up your hair, if you have it very curly, you will see that the part that must be strained looks strange and with wave form. To avoid it, twist your hair into thick sections while you carry it back. It will look more beautiful.
hair ideas

hair ideas

Ideas for bangs.


  1. Considering cutting your bangs? If you do not have it clear or you fear that it does not look good, try to buy a bangs of posticeria that is of natural human hair. It holds clips with built-in clips, you can decide when you wear it and when not and will serve to see if you feel good.

26 . Hide your bangs with a French braid when you do not feel like wearing it.

27 . If your bangs are not too short, you can play by varying their style. Bring it straight, side or match      in the center.

  1. Does your bangs tend to get too “fluffy”? After combing, put a cap or turban on top for a long time to catch the desired shape.

29 . A short bang (without overdoing it) rejuvenates the face.


Ideas with braids.


  1. Do not have time to wash your hair? Try a cascade braid. Besides hiding the dirt, it gives volume and stays better fixed with not too clean hair.
  2. A braid as an accessory. Make a thin braid by taking a side tuft and use it as a headband by holding it on the other side with a pin.
  3. Add a ribbon of the color you prefer and pull it together with your hair. The black will give you elegance and the rest of colors life and freshness.


Ideas for accessories.


  1. Personalize your hair with brooches, pins, etc. To give it a striking and sophisticated touch.
  2. Give life to your hairstyle with artificial or fresh flowers. A lily behind the ear or small wild flowers in your braid will give you a fresh, feminine air.
  3. Use Chinese chopsticks to pick up your hair.


Ideas for texture.


36 . Wash your hair before going to sleep and try it when it is still slightly damp. When you undo the         braids in the morning you will see soft waves of mermaid.

  1. To achieve the above effect quickly, braid your hair and add a touch of heat to the iron.
  2. To create waves in your hair, wrap it in the pliers keeping it horizontal. Let it cool and gently comb.

DIY for hair.


  1. Make your own sea salt spray: Fill a spray bottle with 1 cup of water, 1 teaspoon of sea salt and a half teaspoon of coconut or argan oil. Add a drop of essential oil for a fresh aroma.
  2. Pumpkin moisturizing mask: 2 cups pumpkin pulp, 1 tablespoon coconut oil, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 natural yogurt. Mix well and apply on the hair. Leave on for 15 minutes.

41 . You can reuse a satin ribbon from those used to wrap gifts like a stylish headband.

  1. Personalize a pickup with a necklace from your jeweler. Unleash the imagination!

43. Wear a black lace strap as a stylish and sexy headband.

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