These are the haircuts that will triumph in 2017

New Year New Life. This is the saying that sounds the most at this time. A time when there are endless purposes : start to play sports, spend more time with the family or stop smoking. The feeling of wanting to change some aspect of our lives is born, to leave everything bad behind and start a new stage. And what better than starting this new year with a haircuts.

If you are thinking of reinventing its appearance but still not clear, these are the styles that will triumph in 2017 . Futuristic haircuts, with long bangs and medium-tousled hair, among others.

edium mane ‘shaggy’

The cut popularized by Jennifer Aniston with the character of Rache l in the Friends series became a success that caused a furor in the 90. A super-cape half hair that is back and you can wear both with wavy hair and smooth.

Long beads haircuts

Cut your bangs at eye level. You will achieve a substantial change in your look without having to use the scissors too much. In addition, the length of the bangs will allow you to wear it in alternative ways, whether wearing it straight, open or sideways.



Chop style

This style will give your mane a beach girl effect. Karlie Kloss was one of the first tops that dared with this parade cut. A simple, fresh and very dynamic hairstyle that softens the features and favors almost all faces.

Natural hair

It is increasingly common to see models on the catwalk wearing the hair in its natural form. The lack of time and the damage caused by the use of irons and dryers means that the best option is to stop fighting the nature of the rebellious hairs and to boast of its unique and original form.

Bob short style

A classic among hairstyles. A very elegant and feminine cut and, at the same time, a practical ‘look’ and very comfortable for the day to day. It is a very versatile style that you can wear with or without bangs. A chin-up mane with very defined contours that will help you gain volume and soften your face.

Long and wavy mane

If you’re the one who already dared with the scissors, try to let the hair grow. According to celebrity stylist Jen Atkin , long, shiny mums are back. However, if this is your choice, try using good products to take care of your hair, open ends are the worst enemy of mistresses Endless.

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