How to wear a sari style easily lehenga

Saris Lehenga without previous introduction, courtesy of its magnificence without problems. Due to its ease of use, the Lehenga sari has been a riot rise since its invention. It is beautiful, and much any regular sari at all. Without the hassle of the fold take drama, you can easily win the crown of the ethnic category of dress fast. A sari giving and printing as if it`s a lehenga, is called a Lehenga sari.

Steps to How to Wear a Sari In Lehenga Style Perfectly:

Here prerequisites before you can start with the cum sari. Make sure you have the following around

  • The sari you want to use, so ironed.
  • A similar embellished blouse
  • A satin petticoat, since the Lehenga stones could stick to the cotton ones otherwise
  • A pair of shoes (heels) that match
  • Jewelry and accessories such as bracelets and Bindi
  • Safety contacts as you may need

If you wonder if the sari is well above your budget – no, no. Easy to get and affordable as well, has been a crowd winner from day one. Therefore, let`s make no excuse and you can start immediately on how to wear a Lehenga sari.



Now let`s Begins With How to Wear a Sari As Lehenga:

  • Begin with the sari and as with the normal ones, start with the Lehenga and cover with some folds. If you are however a rookie in the world of Indian ethnicities, here is a better explanation. Take the sari and put on the Lehenga. Once this is done, make some folds of what remains of the sari material. Cosmetic surgery in the folds just below the navel and carry the rest to your waist, so the remaining sari goes from the front to the waist.
  • Extends the right hand and slides on the sari cloth under the arms. The sari is now ready for pleating in your pallu region. Make sure the ISN`t pallu too big. Make the appropriate settings.
  • Make about 5-6 folds of the pallu region or in case you have a blouse whose work the stone you want to flaunt, go and give a transparent sari.
  • Then carry the pallu up to the left shoulder and pin neatly with the folds or leave it open and just throw the end of the pallu to your liking.

Some tips Tips to use Lehenga sari to help you:

  • Do not hesitate and adjust as many creases as you think will make you reach the body frame you want to take a step from.
  • Try wearing a petticoat belt adjustment or go to one in the skirt if you think that the usual chains will make you look bloated and ruin the overall look.
  • Keep your footwear around as mentioned above to try to test the proper height that the sari should be from.
  • The distribution should be your final touch for the night and you can be sure it will attract attention wherever you go. You can easily foresee that you will love to pull out your precious costume now that you have mastered the art of how to wear a Lehenga sari. Do not forget to try wearing the sari and walk a few times for your own comfort, as these saris happens to have enough weight. You can bring the touch to all your saris with the Lehenga round effect. Omit the front folds and you should do the trick.


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