10 Tips Lipstick and Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know About

Every girl wants to have, delicious kissable lips, but what`s not we would like for your lips to let you down. So, I’ve compiled a list of our top ten practical tips and hacks to help you get the most out of your lipstick and get some fabulous lips every time.

1. Keep your lips exfoliated

If you have dry lips, then you will need to exfoliate to remove dry and flaky skin before applying any lips. Gently rub your  lips with a little sugar and shea butter (or olive oil), and this will exfoliate the skin and moisturize the lips at the same time.

2. How to stop draft

To stop bleeding lips and change of step, apply a little clear base around the outside of the mouth before applying lipstick. This will help seal the fine lines on the skin and stop the bleeding lips on them.

3. Blot between layers

Always apply two layers of lips and dry between applications. Drying your lips will help remove excess fat from your lips and that will make the lips last a lot longer.

4. How to get your lipstick the same color as the container

If your lips never looks to the same shade as it is in the container, then that could be because the natural color of the lips is showing through the lips – if you have lips mostly pink, Then apply some corrector first and you will get the same lipstick color as you expected.

5. How to Fix a Broken Lips









If the lipstick breaks, then you can easily correct it by gently heating both ends with a lighter and placing them back together again. Don`t keep the lighter to your lips for long, however, or you`ll end up with a sticky dough!

6. How to maintain the lipstick of the teeth

After you have applied the lips pop a finger in the mouth, wrap your lips around it and then pull your finger again. This will remove any lipstick you have on the inside of your lips, so it does not come off on your teeth.

7. Make lips last longer

You can make any lipstick last longer by giving it a light coat of translucent powder to set the color.

8. Make your lips look bigger

To make your lips look bigger with lipstick, apply a shade of lipstick over your lips. Then apply a lighter shade of the lipstick that is in the same range of colors in the center of the lips only. This creates the impression that your lips are bigger than they really are.

9. prefect your cupids bow

To get the perfect bow cupids, draw an “X” on the in the center of your upper lip and then, line the lips and refill them. This will help you get the right shape and it will help stick the lipstick to your lips.

10. Find the Perfect Nude Shadow for You

The best way to select a nude lipstick tone that suits your own skin tone is to go for a shade that is only one or two shades darker than your skin. You can also try a tone with a hint of pink if you are light-skinned or a touch of orange if you have slightly darker skin.

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