9 Lipstick shades that are trend these days

Hey there girls! The next spring season will bring along a wide variety of beauty Lipstick trends whether it is nail colors, eye shadows or lipsticks. From pretty red to deep red Lipstick to soft corals, there is a color for each. Let’s take a look at some of the best shades of lipstick that are in trend these days. Keep reading!

Pure red Lipstick :

Yes! We all know that the classic red lip is always fashionable It never lets you down. The trend of red lips has also been evolving in recent years with different shades tones you are experimenting with. But what is trend these days is a pure red lipstick color! Classy, stylishly attractive, this beautiful bold color is a real winner!

Lavender Lipstick :

A rich purple color can sometimes be a bit difficult to achieve. However, this soft lip lavender trend looks very nice a lot of celebrities have been having fun this lately. This lip color is really the talk of the city now a days! You can go for a subtle tint or even coat on going for a little darker color.
The naked lips :

Whatever the season, bare lips are really evergreens. A naked lips works best when you opt for a look without makeup or in cases where you want to draw the focus towards your eyes. Matte or glossy or full gloss, these colors give a soft touch for makeup are an essential tool for all women.



Lips ombre :

Ditch lip color solid regular treat lips Ombre! In essence, it consists of 2 or more shades on the lips there are different styles to flaunt this type of pout! In addition, this style of lipstick makes your lips appear fuller chubby.

Lips Berry Hued :

The dark-lipped trend has been going on for some time. Colors like plum, dark berry came made many aspects in the parades. These rich lip colors a dramatic touch make you stand out from the crowd.


A brown lip is another great color trend of the lips. Whether it’s Kylie Jenner`s pure matte brown or a brown or rich brown cocoa, they all look amazing. So just find your perfect brown tone get ready to flaunt that sexy face!

Fuchsia Fun :

A pretty fuchsia color instantly illuminates your face adds a touch of pink. It looks very vibrant appeals to all the pink lovers out there.

Pretty Peach:

A shade of soft corals like the peach is a stain enough to apply on the lips. This color adds a natural touch looks very beautiful.

Pink Brick:

This is a warm lip color that looks exquisite elegant. So, if you go to work or to meet with your friends, this shadow will not disappoint you!

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