Natural step-by-step make-up for a fresh look

Getting a natural make-up, or making it look like you are not wearing makeup, requires some practice and refinement that consists of makeup first the face and then the eyes and lips. A light makeup will highlight our natural beauty, hiding the imperfections and highlighting the strengths, and is ideal for a fresh look of daily use.

Getting a natural makeup consists of :

  1. Prepare your skin to look bright
  2. Avoid heavy foundations
  3. Finish a natural blush

Natural step-by-step make-up

A natural makeup means getting a look that highlights our beauty without wearing too much makeup. With a little practice we can get it quickly and on the fly, for example in the car on the way to work when there is a caravan.

Step 1 -Perfect the skin on the face

  • Leave your face totally clean from scraps of makeup . You can use wet cottons and then wipe with a cloth some cleanser on the skin to exfoliate it smoothly.
  • Apply moisturizer suitable for your skin on the face. This way we prepare the skin for makeup
  • Apply the concealer around the eyes and thus need less foundation. In case your skin is naturally luminous, it is possible to avoid the foundation by applying a moisturizing cream with color.


  • Apply foundation powder to the fattest parts of your face if you need it. If your skin is very greasy, skip the moisturizer and use only the concealer and powder foundation. Make sure that the tone of the base is the closest thing to the natural tone of your skin.
  • Apply blush or bronzer. The warm cream blends of peach or pink give a natural and subtle blush to the cheeks.

Step 2 – Eye Makeup

  • Make yourself in natural light if possible. Bring the mirror to the window to make sure you use the best makeup possible.
  • Eyelids : apply a dark brown or gray tone to your eyelids to highlight the natural outline of your eyes. Avoid shadows by blurring the edges well along the eyelid. Skip this step if you think the shade gives you a less natural look than just the concealer.
  • Apply Eyeliner : For more definition, apply a dark color to the upper lashes. Apply a white eyeliner on the inside of the eyes to make them larger.
  • Apply mask to your eyelashes : The mask is essential even for natural-looking makeup. You can avoid eye shadow or eyeliner, but never mask. Apply a layer to your eyelashes and prevent lumps from forming on them. Curling your eyelashes gives you a more awake and luminous look.

Step 3 – Lip Makeup

  • Lipstick : Choose a color that perfectly matches the natural color of your lips. Instead of applying the bar directly on your lips use your fingertips from the center to the outside.
  • Brightness : You can also use some lip gloss that gives a light and hard look all

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