Step by step night makeup, ideas and tricks

Night makeup has one main characteristic: that look of going out at night comes marked by the eyes, especially by the style ” smokey eyes “, also called smoked eyes .

That is why, when it comes to makeup to go out at night we will first pay attention to our eyes and then we will complement the look we want with the lips and the rest of the face.

The steps to follow for a night makeup are:

The first thing is to choose the style that we want. The main options for the eyes are smoky eyes and we can also use the glitter eyes. The rest of the makeup we use may vary.

1-. Apply a concealer that is somewhat clearer than the base

Put it on reddish areas and under the eyes to cover the dark circles, either with the tips of your fingers in circles or with a sponge of makeup. If it does not melt well with the base apply cream first.

2-. Apply a concealer that is the exact tone of your face

Apply it in the same way as above in the center of your face and extend it until it covers the entire surface.

3-. Fix foundation and concealer with powder

Apply compact or loose powder for the foundation to last longer in good conditions. If you are away from home it is a good choice to maintain makeup.

night makeup

night makeup

4-. Eyebrows are the next step

It is best to use eyebrow powder instead of a pencil to avoid an unnatural look. Use a hard brush.

5-. The eyes

Choose three colors for the eye shadow: clear, medium and dark. The clear eye shadow is used only for the area below the eyebrows.

The medium eye shadow applies on the rest of the eyelid and dark shadows to darken the area of ​​the eyelash.

There are multiple ways and techniques to apply eye shadow, choose the one you like or the one that gets the look you want.

6-. Apply eyeliner

Use an eyeliner for the eyelashes of the lower eyelid, but only the central part of the eyelash, leaving the ends without makeup. If you want a darker look make up the entire eyelash to the ends.

For the upper eyelid make up the entire edge as close as possible to the eyelash or just from where the eyelash itself starts.

7-. Apply mask

Apply the mask on both tabs in thin layers to avoid lumps. Choose a brown mask if your skin is clear and black if your skin tone is darker.

8-. The lipstick

Choose a lipstick color that suits your skin tone. You can mix colors and textures to match your wardrobe or your mood.

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