The Best Nail Polish Colors and Trends 2017


Black, white, gold and silver nail Polish enamels and acrylics with or without ‘glitter’ are imposed this year. ootally black or white, chrome, with many visions or designs. Thus came the “roughly” the  Nail Polish for this 2017, in which the so-called “art nail” is imposed with the use of acrylics in colors that replace the traditional enamel.   “Color ... Read More »

How to Paint the Lips According to Their Shape


This is one of the questions that many women Lips ask me on the Facebook page of Mujeres Femeninas where when I have time I respond to all messages and try to give my experience as you can give yours. Lips Thick or Large The thick lips, wide or fleshy as I have in my case and more than a ... Read More »

Tips That Women With Curly Hair Will Love


I have always thought, women with curly hair have an advantage over lacias. Think about it. If they propose it, they can use the puller and have a completely different look . Whereas if a woman with straight hair wants to be Chinese, she will not get a curl so defined and natural. In short, if your hair is Chinese, ... Read More »

9 Lipstick shades that are trend these days


Hey there girls! The next spring season will bring along a wide variety of beauty Lipstick trends whether it is nail colors, eye shadows or lipsticks. From pretty red to deep red Lipstick to soft corals, there is a color for each. Let’s take a look at some of the best shades of lipstick that are in trend these days. ... Read More »

10 best projects of Mehndi Design in Women


This typical option of mehndi back designs is drawn by hand with intricate motifs in sheet form. The main chain leaves down only through the middle finger, so that the rings and other accessories can be easily used on other fingers without hiding the design. The fingers are beautifully decorated with decorative designs. This is one of the back hand ... Read More »



This is our selection of perfect jewels for this Fall 2013 , we have admired them throughout these months, have paraded on catwalks along with fashion collections in Paris, Milan and New York. Fashion jewelry and trend for Autumn, come stomping and will fill your jeweler. 1.- Choker choker , as the English call them, a jewel that comes stuck ... Read More »



And how to determine the necklace value of the pearls ?. How much does a pearl necklace cost? . Here is a small reference on the price of a pearl necklace. The origin of the pearl   The pearl is undoubtedly a treasure for jewelry. They have been exploited since antiquity. They are a beautiful fruit of nature. They are ... Read More »

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