Dragon Eyebrows: How to Wear Dragon Eyebrows


Show your most adventurous side with dragon eyebrows. We tell you how to look Dragon Eyebrows step by step. The eyebrows are a fundamental pillar of our look to completely condition the personality we transmit, so we should always have them as cared for as we can . But, do you have to keep your eyebrows pretty much the same ... Read More »

How to make homemade matte nail polish – decorated nails

How to make homemade matte nail polish? The matte nail polish home for nails has been one of the most famous trends and inclinations of fashion of major importance lately, due to the elegance that it supposes and the sophistication that it proposes before the luminosity of the current enamel, gives a different touch and a very good presence For the girls ... Read More »

Hair cuts for 50 year old women: Rejuvenating style idea

Hair cuts

Once the 1950’s came , many women began to think they were too old to look good and look current. The truth is that hair cuts 50-year-old women are full and should not be neglected. Today we propose the best hairstyles for women of 50 years and give you ideas of style that will rejuvenation. There are countless tricks that can help to haircut rejuvenate our image, and ... Read More »

These are the haircuts that will triumph in 2017


New Year New Life. This is the saying that sounds the most at this time. A time when there are endless purposes : start to play sports, spend more time with the family or stop smoking. The feeling of wanting to change some aspect of our lives is born, to leave everything bad behind and start a new stage. And ... Read More »

43 Fancy Braided Hairstyle ideas

hair ideas

Do not know what to do with your hair? Start experimenting with this list of tricks and ideas for your hair. hair Style ideas.   For an instant lifting, change the position of your ponytail. Draw an imaginary diagonal line from                your cheekbones to the crown. That’s where the rubber band should be. ... Read More »

Home Remedies for Abundant Hair

abundant hair

All women want to have  beautiful and abundant hair . Although genetics is what decides how our hair is, there are some homemade tricks that can help us give it more volume . Flax Seeds for New Hair to Be Born Soak linseed seeds in water and leave them for 5 days until they drop a drool. Apply directly to ... Read More »

The 5 Best Essential Vitamins for hair growth

hair growth

As the saying goes, “we are what we eat”. For this reason, to have healthy hair, you must first have a healthy diet. For this, it is essential to have a diet that provides us with enough essential nutrients. So what if we know the vitamins for hair growth ? Biotin Did you know that biotin is known as the ... Read More »

How to Make any Matte Nail Polish in Women

Matte Nail Polish

One of the latest trends in nail art is the matte effect , a new way to show off a different manicure and adapted to fashion. And although we can approach our usual cosmetics shop to make us nail polish matte, we can also save that moment and get that effect on the nails in a home and making use of the many pictures we ... Read More »

How to Make Matte Nail Polish in Fashion

Matte Nail Polish

The matte nail polish is a trend in the field of fashion right now. It can look elegant and sophisticated. Unfortunately, it can be expensive and not everyone is willing to invest in an enamel jar that they may not use again. There are matt finish enamels, but what if you want to make a manicure mate and you have ... Read More »

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