Style guide: what shoes to wear with what jeans

It can completely ruin the look of a great pair of jeans simply by associating it with the wrong type of footwear. Know which shoes to wear jeans with which goes a long way to make jeans look good on you. To make it simple, here’s a breakdown of what kind of shoes you can and can not wear with different cuts of jeans.

 Jeans with boot cut

Boot cuts are a good way to break the monotony of putting on jeans skinny cut. The flare in them offers an interesting silhouette. Boot cut jeans are a great choice for a casual day out. So what kind of shoes can you pair with them? Wedges go very well with boot cut jeans. You can also match ankle lengths with this type of jeans, just make sure they have heels. The length of your jeans should be such that it covers the top of your shoes. If your jeans are up to scratch, they’ll end up looking like you`ve seen too much to fit into your jeans.

As for what you do not use with starter cuts, keep away from the floors. Shoes or flat sandals will not flatter your figure in a boot court. And most likely your jeans will pile on the bottom when you wear a boot cut with flats, so you look chubby. Also avoid using pumps or other dress shoes. Bootcuts are more of a casual outfit, so it makes sense to keep your shoes relatively casual as well.

Tight jeans shoes

Tight jeans are perhaps the easiest to pair because, frankly, virtually every type of footwear goes well with it. From comfortable sneakers to stylish stilettos, skinny jeans look good on all kinds of footwear. Of course tight jeans have the added benefit of being the only cut denim with which you can wear knee boots. So be sure to exploit this aspect of it, and be sure to wear your knee boots often with them.



Boyfriend jeans

If you’re planning on wearing a loose-fitting loose-fitting jeans (aka boyfriend jeans) then your first instinct is probably on par with a pair of scruffy sneakers. While you can work, try to match your jeans with some super stylish heels, instead of dressing. Something about the contrast between loose jeans and women’s shoes only works to create magic. So just pull up the jeans and slip on a pair of heels with more style. Do not avoid using wedges with this type of jeans as they do not complement the cut jeans and will look weird if combined with them. Here are some cases where the boyfriend of the jean with needle heels  combination pumps has fully functioned.

As a general rule in case of doubt opt ​​for heels over floors. While floors can be super comfortable and you will also look great with the pair of jeans, if you link them with the wrong ones then the result will be very unflattering. Always wear your jeans and shoes and see your reflection in a full length mirror to determine if they work well together. A pose, rotate and rotate to make sure it looks good from all angles. And once you are satisfied, leave with a big smile and a lot of confidence.

Quick Tip: If you feel your pants are in an uncomfortable length, either a little too long or short, roll them a few times to deliberately show off your ankles. This way you would see that is the way you wanted to wear it unlike what you look like you are wearing jeans do not fit well. Of course, this tip only works for a fit and tight jeans boyfriend and not for boot cuts.

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