How and when to introduce retinol products into your skin care

Although the general idea is that you need to start only an anti-aging regimen when you are in your 40s, but the truth is that you are never too young to introduce these products into your beauty routine. In fact, a lot of companies are marketing anti-aging products that specifically targets girls in their 20s and 30s. Some of the common signs of aging are fine lines, wrinkles spots on that indicate damage to the skin. Now here is where the magic retinol enters the picture. So, today you will take them through the importance of retinol how to use it in your regimen of beauty.

What is retinol?

In the most basic terms, retinol refers to the vitamin A molecule that offers multiple benefits to the skin. It increases the natural collagen protects the against free radicals. It repairs cell damage also works on the premature signs of aging.

How does it help my skin?

  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • It improves skin texture
  • Increases collagen and keeps skin firm and elastic
  • Helps prevent acne
  • Bright young skin


When should I start using retinol? The timely introduction of retinol into your beauty regimen helps reduce the lines of expression makes your look younger. It is important to start slow which is a daily routine only when your adapts to it without any side effects. It is best to start using retinol after age 30 to reap its benefits.

How is Retinol used?

Retinol creams: Retinol is a common ingredient in night creams. Repairs your rejuvenates at night. In addition to proper sleep, it is also important to include a night cream in your beauty routine. Find one that suits your skin the best possesses anti-aging properties. A good night cream also restores the firmness of the  stimulates cellular regeneration. Retinol creams are good for girls with dry that need moisturizing too!

Serum retinol:

Serums are ideal for oily skin beauties. Most sera rely on water to feel very light on the skin. Sera containing retinol helps reduce the signs of aging providing a youthful skin.

Retinol capsules :

Retinol capsules are also available in markets that contain the serum to be applied to the face. The capsules keep the retinol stabilized until opened which is important for effective results.

Retinol to Tame Acne:

Retinol also works well in clogged acne pores. It helps to reduce the appearance of acne acne scars as well.

A word of caution!

  • Check if the retinol suits your skin. It could cause outbreaks of anger, sometimes redness of the skin
  • Always consult a care specialist before using Retinol products
  • Remember that retinol is photosensitive. It is always advisable to use it at night, as it has an inverse effect during the sunlight. In addition, you should always carry plenty of sunscreen to keep your protected during the day.

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