5 styles of hair that women who want a change should try in 2017

Welcome the new year with a different look, which will surprise everyone.

2017 is the right time to renew your look and look great. Maybe it’s styles of hair time to make that cut that both draws your attention or give a different color to your hair, that’s why we have for you some of the trends and haircuts that will take in 2017. Take note!

Midi styles of hair

One of the trends we will see on all sides are the average hair. Not too long, not too short. It is about giving free rein to your imagination and changing the color and texture with the help of your dryer and iron. From the midi will create styles like medium bob, capable and stepped.

The Shag Returns

This trend comes from the word shaggy which means ‘disheveled’, this style is based on several capable in the hair that give a volume effect. Rosie Huntington, former model of Victoria’s Secret, is one of the celebrities that best bears this style.


styles of hair


If you thought that wearing fringe was a thing of the past, it seeks to claim this year. The same will see bob mediums accompanied by straight fringe that symmetrical. The star will be the fringe gringe, ideal for women who still fear to wear it. It is a style that leaves the long side aside and is freer, you can wear the fringe a little grown up without any problem.

Long but with wave

Yes, 2017 will be the year of the average hair, but that does not mean that the length will die, only for this season the waves and volume will be protagonists. Same as colorings like balayage and tiger eye style .


2017 could be the year in which trying the pixie is not such a bad idea. It is a style in which the hair is short, you can play with the texture and volume so do not be afraid to wear this style that goes perfect with women with oval face. For the risky, shaving a part of the head will be sensual and daring.

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