How to make perfect stratification in winters

Hello ladies, I’m back again with another winter style stick. It seems that even if the winters are not coming in full style, we, the people will have our style games in full style. It has happened to all of us at some point or another that stratification in the winters gets complicated and ends up looking like a lot of clothes. We absolutely do not want to have that look, but do not pay attention to some style tips leading our way to look like a lot of clothes.

We are not committed to letting this happen to any of us ever again. Ohhh …… .Pledging makes it sound like a matter of life or death, but for any fashion lover is no less than this. I hope this makes complete sense to you. So before floating with the matter of promises, let me share some easy tips and tricks to perfect stratification in the winters and stop looking scruffy.

Balancing it

Any look you create can score better, if you develop an understanding to create balances. In winters we trend to layer a heap on top, this makes our superior to see bigger. To even out they opt for slimmer silhouette at the bottom. This will create a great balance and also trend to make you look thinner, even after a lot of layers.

To break the look

When we layer, we trend not to add many colors and end many times in a single tone for the whole team. For example an all-black computer may seem unpleasant if you are using tons of layers. To break this aspect you may want to add a bit of bold factor to your appearance by adding a sweater or a coat. If you do, you not only break the monotonous look, but also have your playing style a notch higher.

Shows a little of the leg












Who says you have to get rid of the mini dresses in your wardrobe during the winters. You simply have to choose the best coat for your dress, along with a pair of Fab on the knee boots, and they are good to go. While styling a mini dress in the winters, it is possible to choose any long jacket or coat, no matter how fluffy it is, but always make sure the jacket or coat is slightly longer than the dress. The dress back and outer lengths can actually ruin the look.

History of textures

Stratification is not all about piles all things wool and goes on. It’s more about knowing the textures and getting them together in the right way. Excess knitting or excess wool is always a game spoiler. Silk tops and pants under a long jacket or a word-length duster looks amazing while guaranteeing it a stylish shape. So, just a first punch and a denim background look under a word-length duster.

That the strap

In the middle of the winter of heavy layers, the fabulous body shape can only be lost. Simply throw a leash over your shield, to accentuate your waist and yet stay warm. Do not opt ​​for very large belts, as this can damage more than you do well.

Neutrals are mixed

Neutrals are always good when mixed or mixed. Taupe, grays and blacks are some of the neutral colors easier to mix and match. Any combination of these three will go perfectly, regardless of the many layers that accumulate. Having mentioned all this, one added tip is to keep your accessories thinner or smaller. Like a large pair of bulky boots paired with a more voluminous coat will only make you look like a winter refugee, rather try to balance things as mentioned in my first tip

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