9 keys to dress as the most powerful women in the world

Although sometimes we love to impose style, the fact is that there are certain events that require more sobriety in our look. On this occasion we consulted public image consultant Rodrigo Senties Correa and shared the tips of the most powerful women on the planet to transmit authority , without staying away from fashion. Go!


Both the weather and the type of event are the key factors in choosing an outfit. On the one hand, it should be evaluated that the dress goes according to the temperature ( comfort is fundamental! ) And on the other hand the type of attitude that wants to be transmitted: authoritarian or accessible. For temperate climates, more sober colors (such as black or blue) and for warmer climates white, nude or cream are recommended . Eye: the enemies to fight, according to Rodrigo, are vulgarity and exaggeration in seduction.

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Whether in trousers or skirts , this is the key piece in the wardrobes of the most important women in the world. In the case of the skirt, we recommend something tight that stylizes the legs ; The standard measurement for the lengths are, or 3 fingers above the knee or 3 fingers down the knee . Teaching a lot of skin can convey the wrong message.


There is no best friend for the tailor suit than a good shirt . For that fashionista touch, the adviser explains that the best option are the silk , not only because they are a must of the season, but because its light fall reflects authority.



FASHION: The white shirt, an infallible classic


It is also important to choose long sleeves for an empowering look , although if you are in warmer weather the 3/4 will be your best allies. If in your event you want to see yourself as a more open person, then choose much shorter sleeves. An example of this is Michelle Obama, who not only loves to show off her arms, but also looks at her events as a very accessible woman.


The texture of the clothes and the cut are fundamental. The thicker and stiffer the fabric, the less styling is reflected. If it is a fabric much lighter and with a good cut, it transmits elegance, sophistication and authority . Shoulder pads in garments are a must for the most powerful fashionistas in the world!

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Although it is suggested that it be collected so that the face is visible , in case it goes loose, the ideal height is to the shoulders and in tones, the most natural possible . The makeup should go in this line: base, blush, shades in natural shades, eye-liner and mascara. Exaggerating colors and using contrasting tones give the feeling of vulgarity!


– For jewelry you have to keep it as classy as possible: no plastics in phosphorescent shades . Pearls, gold, silver or jewelry that resemble them in small size is ideal to complement the look.
– The over sized bags are a big no. Clutches or small handles, in natural textures; Here it also applies to stay away from everything plastified. However, Rodrigo explains that this may be the most playful and colorful garment of the entire outfit. We do not want it to look like you’re going to a funeral!

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– Also subject to the weather, the expert explains that in shoes , the heel should be in the range of 5 and 7 centimeters . High heels are related to seduction and can also make walking more difficult. We want you to reflect safety ! The peep toe are ideal for adding the girly glam touch to the look.

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